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Sean Hoyne, Owner

“Hoyne Brewing Company has been a customer of Specific Mechanical for ten years.  We have bought
a brewhouse from them, as well as many fermentation and conditioning tanks of various sizes.  Their workmanship has always been excellent, they approach every project…

Félix Daviault-Ford, Owner

“I wanted to comment to you how satisfied we are with the customer service we received both from Specific Mechanical. You really have first-class employees of which you can be very proud. We initially contacted Specific Mechanical Systems 8 months…

Mark DaSilva, Owner

“As far as the brewhouse, the system is flawless. I’ve done a few collaborations with other local guys and they love brewing on this system. I am hitting all my numbers and am running at a 90% efficiency. Easy to…

Matt Phillips, Owner

“Specific has been supporting our growth for 10 years by providing world-class equipment, at competitive prices and with outstanding customer support through that time period. It is fantastic to have a supplier to breweries around the world located here in…

Mike Fava, Head Brewer

“We’ve been thrilled with the design and construction process. I could t be more impressed with the speed and thoroughness of the communication between us and our project manager. Our system is shipping out this Friday [February 16, 2018], can’t…

David Fazekas, Brewer/Warehouse Manager

“I’ve worked with a lot of companies and have been completely blown away by Specific Mechancials customer service. Everyone I’ve spoken to from parts and service to the engineers, have gone out of their way to help and save me…

Derek Bostock, President/CEO

“So far Specific Mechanical, and specifically Adam Matthews, have been top notch. Lot’s of help and support all the way through. It’s been a great start thus far.”

Tony Cunha, Brewmaster

“Professional, accommodating, extremely knowledgeable and of the highest standard are but some of the terms I use when describing the Specific Mechanical team and the equipment I am proud to work with at MudHen Brewing Company.”

J. Mark Hood, Brewmaster

“In 2000 in bought a ten year old specific mechanical system from BJ’s in woodland hills ca. The support from specific to get me running was so good, we decided to have them build our mash filter system. Then a…

Tony Tielli

“Our experience with the team at Specific has exceeded expectations in every way, from sales to project design and management, fabrication, shipping and clear through to support with installed equipment”

Ilan Klages-Mundt

“I’m happy that we have a strong relationship with Specific Mechanical Systems and service like this only strengthens that relationship even further. This is why we work with you guys.”

Blaine Estby, Owner

“Well, we have opened our doors and have been lined up ever since for the past two weeks. The Spec Mech equipment is making our lives very easy and couldn’t be happier with everything so far. Thank you.”