Félix Daviault-Ford, Owner

“I wanted to comment to you how satisfied we are with the customer service we received both from Specific Mechanical. You really have first-class employees of which you can be very proud.

We initially contacted Specific Mechanical Systems 8 months ago. We felt we were in good hands since the start, but still, we did our homework and went evaluating other possible options to acquire our system. In the end, our decision to select your team was based on the very positive feedback we got from every brewery owning an SMS brewhouse that we talked to. Every brewer we talked to insisted on the very efficient and proactive service and support you provided to them all along the selection, design, installation and aftersales process. Now I trust they were right.

I know how important it is to have and maintain a good reputation. And this is why I will be proud to spread some good words about SMS all over my network.”