30 BBL – 100 BBL Brewhouses

Upgrade or Expand Your Brewery. Produce More Beer, efficiently and sustainably.

We have handcrafted brewing systems for sale, in sizes from 30 BBL to 100 BBL and larger, designed from high-quality, sanitary stainless steel.

Our commercial brewing equipment will grow your brewery into a production brewery powerhouse.

Choose from 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 vessel brewhouses to configure your system to produce beer quickly and precisely.

A large control screen with two large mashing tanks beisde.
Four vessel brewing tanks lined up.

No Cookie Cutter Brewhouses. Never Outsourced.

Our brewing systems are 100% built by hand in Canada.

Specific Mechanical brewing equipment is custom engineered in Canada to give you maximum efficiency and output from every step of your brewing process.


Innovative process technology to maximize production at the highest level of brewing efficiency.

Looking at the bottle of a brewing tank where it connects to the metal drain.
A row of 30-100 BBL meshing tanks lined up.

Make your brewhouse a powerhouse

A 30-100 BBL brewhouse set up with all the tanks lined up against a red brick wall.

Every Specific brewhouse is an integrated system and includes all vessels, plumbing, valves, pumps, and control panels, so you’ll be ready to brew.

Included Connections

Customize With


Get the most from your recipes and brewing style with our optimized designs.

Looking down into a whirlpool with ingredients ready to be mixed.
A large mash vessel with the window open and a white pale sits beside it.

Customizable platform layouts best suited to your location – rectangular, linear, elevated, multi-tiered, etc.

Industry leading pumps, sensors and meters compliment our design and build quality in both metal fabrication and brewery automation.

World-class clean-in-place (CIP) is integrated throughout the brewhouse to ensure your cleaning process is easy and efficient.

Brewhouse plumbing design is customized based on your layout to ensure the best process flow with consideration to your brewing style.

Designed and manufactured for repeatability, reliability and consistency in every brew.

Brewhouse Configuration options

These handcrafted brewhouses are available in various sizes and designs. Review our chart below to determine the right fit for your needs.

20 BBL 25 BBL 30 BBL 40 BBL 50 BBL 60 BBL 80 BBL 100 BBL
Heating Methods
Steam with jackets
Sizing & Capacity
Minimum sq ft 800 950 1100 1250 1400 1550 1850 2000
Output 1000-10000 1250-12500 1500-15000 2000-56000 2500-70000 3000-84000 4000-112000 5000-140000
Semi auto
Full auto
Starting price ($USD) $150000 $165000 $175000 $210000 $235000 $275000 $350000 $440000

*Minimum brewhouse size required
*Intermediate and HL size available
*2 (M/L or K/W combos available)

Planning Your Brewhouse

Brewhouse project managers available to help with your building design and business plan needs.

Our experts can help you with a complete drawing package, including brewery equipment layout, utility schedules and P&ID, based on your building size, location, and workflow.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident working with our experienced project team to get your system built, delivered, and installed. We’ll even train your staff how to operate the system.

A group of people stand on stairs holding a glass of beer in front of 30-100 BBL brewing tanks.