Column Stills

Build your distillery using a continuous column still

Meet the demand from your customers or produce more of your recipes that everyone will love. Built from high quality copper and sanitary stainless steel, and designed for longevity and maximum output, our handmade column stills will allow you to produce more of your best spirits around the clock, including vodka, bourbon, whiskey, rum, or simply bulk ethanol and hand sanitizer.

Not only will your column perform, but it will also look great for your visitors and customers.

100% built by hand in Canada.

All of our column stills are 100% built by hand, in Canada. All of Specific Mechanical’s commercial distilling equipment is custom engineered in Canada to give you maximum output from every step of your distillation process.


Equipped to give you the most distillate output and the highest level of efficiency from the start. Every continuous column still from Specific includes all required distilling equipment so you can immediately start production:

All Stills Include Plumbing and Utility Connections







We believe in a collaborative approach to building, so we have project managers for your design and business needs.

We’ve got your back. Our experts will help you with your distillery layout based on your building size, location, and workflow.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident working with our experienced project team to get your system built, delivered, and installed. We’ll even teach your team how to use it.

You’ll love crafting spirits.