Distillery System Sizing

Calculating Distillery Sizing

Choose a System Properly Sized for Your Business Plan

The following tool can be a helpful guide to understand what distilling system is best for your distillery. The tool can also help define how much fermentation capacity you need to produce your annual volume of spirit.

Our technical sales consultants can help you by recommending configurations best suited to your recipes, building design and other factors that are important in this equipment decision making process.

Annual Production

Enter estimated annual production volumes in either Litres of Absolute Alcohol (LAA) or Proof Gallons (PG).

Choose the volume unit you will use in your business plan and for your calculations.
Enter your estimated annual production volume

9 Litre Cases @ 40% ABV 0 Cases

Anticipated Production Schedule

Enter the number of weeks and days per week you'd like to distill, as well as the number of mashes/brews per day and stripping runs per day you'd like to perform.

How many weeks per year would you like to operate the distillery?
How many days per week will you distill?
How many mash cooks and/or brews will you produce per day?
How many stripping runs or wash runs will you distil per day? It is typical to assume a single distillation per shift per pot still.

Estimated Daily Volume of Mash/Wash

Enter the weeks/year, days/week and hours/day you expect to brew beer.

7% - 13% is typical range, with 7%-8% common for malted barley, 8%-10% common for a bourbon mash, 10%-13% common for a wash with high sugar content.

Volume of Fermented Mash/Wash to Distil Each Day 0 Litres

Fermentation Schedule

Enter what you expect to be your typical fermentation period for your recipe.

Fermenter Turns per Year 0

Required Fermentation Capacity 0 Litres

Equipment Suggestions

Mash Cooker / Lauter Tun

0 Litres

Volume of Mash Cooker and/or Mash/Lauter Tun can be variable, such as half or a third of the size of a fermenter.

Quantity of Single Batch Fermenters


Fermenter size and quantity is variable based on a variety of factors, which can be discussed.

Stripping Still Volume

0 Litres

Volume of Stripping Still can be variable, such as half or a third of the size of a fermenter. However, the time required to distil is essentially the same for all sizes of pot stills. It is suggested to distil more volume to achieve economies of scale.

Spirit/Finishing Still Volume

0 Litres

A Spirit Still may not be required. It is possible to operate a distillery using a single pot still, such as a Hybrid Still.