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Since 1984, Specific Mechanical Systems has evolved from a two-person company to the industry leading manufacturer of handcrafted brewing and distilling systems for the beer and spirits industries.

In addition to supplying these two core markets, we’ve manufactured processing systems and equipment for other markets, including pharmaceuticals, dairy, oil and gas, and food & beverage.

A black and white photograph of two founders each have one hand on a brewing tank smiling.

Experience and quality have positioned us as industry-leading manufacturers.

We provide the world’s finest handcrafted systems for craft breweries, distilleries, and industrial applications.

Customer service has established us as the industry’s preferred choice.

Our consultative approach ensures your involvement in your project and together we design the system that is right for you. We’re here for you.

We’ve built over 1500 systems for customers worldwide and continue to evolve.

Larger, automated systems, plug and play solutions, fast and efficient customer service to enhance your experience with us.

Leadership Team

John Leask

Operations Manager

Chad MacIsaac

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mike Cummings

Engineering Manager

Mieke Larsen

Finance Manager

Adam Matthews

Manager – Project Management

Ken Whittaker

Production Manager
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