Brewery Automation

SpecBrew: Intuitive Brewery Automation

SpecBrew takes care of your brew mechanics for an easier brewing process.

Automation for breweries of any size and configuration.

Three men look inside a brewing tank window door.

SpecBrew Automation Features

Fully automated recipe-driven brewhouse control

Allen Bradley PLC controlled with 19” Touchscreen

Secure remote control, viewing and data logging

Choose What You Want to Automate

Automated product transfer, CIP and Rinse sequences, all user-configurable

Safety protocols to monitor hatches, vessels, valves and piping, w/audible and visual alarm features

Grain handling is recipe-driven, configurable to include multiple sources, silos, super sacks and manual grain additions.

Liquor blending & Mashing for hydration water flow rate and temperature whether it is a single infusion, step infusion, or decoction.

Lautering for your foundation water and sparge water volume and temperature.

Pressure Sensors in the Lauter Tun provide data to adjust runoff and bed cuts using retractable rakes.

Flow meters measure sugar concentration and report your wort density in the kettle. A pH sensor can trigger sparge water acidification if required.

The Spent Grain Removal controls the lautering rake drive, the plough assembly and the motor of the spent grain system (compressed air, screw auger, etc) to quickly empty the vessel for your CIP/Rinse sequence.

Wort Boil is maintained at your desired temperature while displaying your wort density in real-time to achieve your desired evaporation.

Hop Dosing sequences are based on your recipe while the use of a hopback can be utilized as required.

Whirlpool & Wort Knockout is automated based on your recipe to ensure your wort is cooled properly to pitch your yeast. The flow rate is controlled to ensure your trub cake remains solid and you transfer all available wort.

Liquor Tank automation includes temperature and level to ensure you have sufficient supply at the temperature you require for all brewery functions.

Cellar automation includes temperature control over each fermenter, lagering tank, and bright tank. Includes cold crash temperature and crash duration.