Pot Stills

Bring your best flavours to life

Our 500 litre – 10,000 litre pot stills will give you the most from your ingredients, always.

Designed from copper, or a combination of copper and stainless steel, and engineered for the production of high-quality spirits, our stills are perfect for starting a craft distillery producing the best vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, rum, and more.

Customization options are available for all of our distillery equipment to help you to meet the needs of your distilling business.

Build a distillery with confidence using pot stills from Specific Mechanical.

A close up of two distilling columns with the ocean in the background outside the window.

All of our copper stills are 100% built by hand, in Canada.

Higher output for your business. Quality you can trust.

All of Specific Mechanical’s commercial distilling equipment is custom engineered in Canada to give you maximum output from every step of your distillation process.

Distilling Equipment

Build your distillation system starting with a pot still, then customize it with a variety of additional equipment.

Heating Options

Included Connections

A 1500 litre double retort pot still.


Get the most product from your recipes with our optimized designs

A large copper still set up with small tanks beside it.
The Grandfather still custom design.

Dimensions and configurations are fully customizable and flexible for any building size

Designed with consideration to your recipes and distilling style for optimal performance

Craft spirits faster with industry-leading boil times and distillation cycles

World-class cleaning-in-place (CIP) to save you time

Hybrid designs to produce a variety of spirits as well as designs for specific spirit production


Rock Creek Distillery tanks set up and logo

We believe in a collaborative approach to building, so we have project managers for your design and business needs.

We’ve got your back. Our experts can help you with distillery layout based on your building size, location, and workflow.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident working with our experienced project team to get your system built, delivered, and installed. We’ll even teach your team how to use it.

Then you’ll love crafting spirits on it.