Which Brew house is right for me?

A man stands looking up thinking with four different brew vessel setups to choose from.

Choosing the right brew house is a very important decision which depends on many factors, one of which is productivity.
Productivity in itself breaks down into several branches. In this blog, we’ll look at speed of brewing and what vessel configuration makes for more efficient subsequent brews.
Starting from scratch, the first brew of the day takes approximately 7.5 hours. With a 2-vessel system consisting of Mash/Lauter tun and Brew Kettle/Whirl Pool, your next brew would take only 5 hours as you be able to start your milling and mash in once the first batch had transferred to the Brew Kettle. Adding one extra vessel to the mix changes that timing dramatically. With a Mash/Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle and Whirl Pool, you now have the flexibility to run off to the Brew Kettle on the second brew, once the first brew has transferred to the Whirl Pool, cutting the second brew time down to 3.75 hours. The time efficiency welcomes the possibility of adding a third brew, again at 3.75 hours. The total is a 15 hour brew day with a productivity yield of 3 full brews. If we change the separate Brew Kettle and Whirl Pool to two Brew Kettle/Whirl Pool vessels, this configuration reduces the subsequent brew time down to just 3.25 hours.

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