The Lauter Tun

A Lauter Tun plays a crucial role in the brewing process by separating the liquid extract (wort) from the solid remnants of the grain after mashing. The V-wire screen false bottom is a specific design feature within the Lauter Tun that enhances its efficiency in this process.

Once the mashing process is complete, the mixture, now called mash, is transferred to the Lauter Tun. The V-wire screen false bottom is a key component of the Lauter Tun. It is a perforated plate with a V-shaped wire structure. As the mash is evenly distributed over the false bottom, the V-wire screen acts as a filter. The liquid wort, now free of most solid particles, passes through the gaps in the screen and is collected beneath, in the false bottom.

Before the wort is collected for boiling, a process called vorlauf is often employed. During vorlauf, a portion of the wort is recirculated over the grain bed. This helps to clarify the wort by setting the grain bed and ensuring that the wort collected is clear and free from excess solids.

After the initial wort has been collected, additional water (sparge water) is often sprayed or poured over the grain bed to extract any remaining sugars. This helps maximize the yield of fermentable sugars from the grains.

After sparging and vorlaufing, the clear, filtered wort is collected and is then ready for the next stage of the brewing process, which typically involves boiling and the addition of hops.

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