Sycamore Brewing Company

Sycamore Brewing Company tanks.

Located in the trendy, walkable South End neighbourhood, Sycamore Brewing is the go-to Charlotte hangout for ambitious professionals in their 20s and early 30s. During the week, you’ll find a post-work crowd. But Sycamore shines even brighter on the weekends, when both the taproom and the patio are packed to the gills. Beyond just slinging pints, the brewery hosts several large-scale beer and music festivals a year, each attracting thousands of people.

At least, that’s how things used to be, before the pandemic. Since then, Sycamore has maintained their steady production of excellent beers while taking Covid-related precautions seriously.

Just this past week, Sycamore opened their outdoor space and indoor taproom (with reduced capacity) to kick off the 2021 season. As usual, their award-winning beers are among North Carolina’s favourites and they run the gamut from the Southern Girl Blonde Ale to the Mountain Candy IPA and almost everything in between! Sycamore’s line of Wild Blossom cider and the new Bubs Hard Selzter is also earning legions of fans.

Sycamore has big plans for 2021 and will be moving into a new site as the retail anchor of a 16-storey office tower. This will surely be one of Charlotte’s main attractions and hot spot for locals and visitors alike.

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