No/Low is making a Show

A glass of beer with zero percent on the side of the glass.

“No/low is clearly becoming a more popular choice for On-Premise visitors, and in particular beer drinkers,” says Patrick Bannon, a Client Director for the research firm, CGA Strategy . “ If beer manufacturers can reproduce some of the great tasting beer that consumers know and love as no/low alternatives they are putting themselves in the best position for success.”

While just 5% of Dry January participants drank non-alcoholic beers in 2019, that number jumped to 29% in 2022.

In the fall of 2019, just 12% of beer drinkers were interested in no- and low-alcohol beer. By the fall of 2021, this number had grown to 16%. In step, beer drinkers consuming mocktails in the on-premise has grown from 8% in 2019 to 13% in 2021, highlighting a growing interest in healthier or sans-alc options.

The report also revealed that the no- and low-market lacks competition. “Within the no/low alcohol beer segment, there are also substantial opportunities for new entrants to solidify a place as a major supplier,” cites a statement. “At the end of 2019, the top three brands within the segment accounted for a 60% share, and by the end of 2021 this had only grown to 70% — making the no/low alcohol beer segment significantly less competitive than other segments within the lower alcohol space.”

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