Beer trends for 2024

Everyone has their favourites, but there seems to be evidence that certain flavours and styles of beer out perform others.

According to Untapped data, IPA topped the leaderboard with almost 32 million check ins, followed by stout at a little over 8 million, light lagers were close behind at 7.9 million, then sours and American ales.

Opinions suggest that anything flavour-forward will continue to grow in 2024, as well as easy-drinking lagers and even the low-alcohol, low-carb and low-cal options.

Retailers have caught on to the benefits of micro-marketing and are doing their best to carry the brands and styles favoured by their local demographic. Industry consultant Bump Williams feels that Convenience stores are and will continue to be the backbone of beverage growth.

“Consumers are in a hurry to get in and get out, knowing exactly what it is they want to buy,” Williams says. “They don’t like standing in lines, and C-stores offer them a solution to these shopping needs while providing ice cold beverages, hot coffee, fresh sandwiches, and gasoline all in one stop.”

“It’s a matter of population growth and demographics,” Williams says. “Several grocery chains are enjoying growth today because they cater to shoppers in their trading zones. The same is true for large-format liquor stores, dollar stores, mass merchandisers, super-centers, and perhaps even a few drug stores around the country.”

He says it’s all about micro-marketing and providing the right selection of products in the right stores.

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