Distilling Equipment - Specific Mechanical Systems

Redefining Artisan Copperworks

We’ve grown with the craft beer industry since 1984, and with the onset of craft
distilling, our quality craftsmanship and experience with copper is producing
distillation systems of the highest quality.

500 – 2,000 Litre Systems

Pot still sizes range from 500 litres to 2,000 litres (120 gallons to 500 gallons), can be constructed with stainless steel and/or copper, and usually offered in a hybrid-style pot still with a wide selection of heads, bypassable multi-tray rectification columns and gin basket complete with the condenser. Customized to suite your specific spirit range.

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Skid Mounted Distillation System

Our 1000 litre skid-mounted Distillation system easily allows for production of multiple spirits on the same pot still using its interchangeable head design and built-in davit with platform. Pre-plumbed and pre-wired, you’ll be operational in no time.

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