Skid Mounted Distillation System - Specific Mechanical Systems

The Finest Turnkey Distillation System

The Skid Mounted Distillation System is designed to offer you a complete
solution capable of producing a variety of spirits. A compact, easy-to-use system
offering you variety and quality in your product.

  • Pot Still
    • The pot still can be offered in a combination of stainless steel and copper construction or all copper construction
    • Steam heated and includes an agitator and explosion proof lighting
    • Includes a uniquely designed flange that incorporates the world’s largest tri-clamp to enable quick and easy head-style changes
  • Interchangeable Heads
    • Boil ball head
    • Stripping head
    • Six-tray, with nine bubble caps per tray, rectifying column
  • Condenser
    • Offered in either stainless steel or copper construction
    • Two lyne arms, one neutral and one positive/negative
  • Glass Spirit Safe/Parrot
    • Conveniently located at eye level for easy hydrometer reading and taking samples
  • Mash Vessel/Fermentation Vessel
    • Heated via bottom steam jacket and cooled via two side jackets
  • Crane/Davit
    • Mounted on skid and used for easy head-style changes on pot still
  • Pre-plumbed & Pre-Wired
    • Stainless steel piping and valves
    • Two explosion proof motors
    • Temperature control panel mounted on skid and located outside of the explosion proof zone of the pot still
  • Three Collection Vessels
    • One for low wines, 240-gallon volume
    • One for final spirits, 80-gallon volume
    • One for heads and tails, 25-gallon volume