Does your lager recipe call for decoction? Many do, but sometimes breweries don’t have the budget or room for an extra vessel such as a cereal cooker. Specific Mechanical makes 2-vessel decoction easy by adding the Mash Conversion option to the Brewkettle/Whirlpool. Armed with a Mash/Lauter tun and a Mash/kettle/whirlpool you can mash in as per normal, then pump out a third of the mash to the Mash/kettle/whirlpool, heat, mix, then return it to the original vessel. This conversion kit is ideal for simple step mashing as well.
If the thrust of your beer production will be lager-focused and your recipe calls for step mashing or decoction, consider the Specific Mechanical Mash Conversion option for your Brewkettle/whirlpool.