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The Finest Copper Stills For Your Distillery

Since 1984, we’ve grown with the craft beer industry. Now with the onset of craft distilling, our quality craftsmanship and experience with copper is producing the highest quality commercial pot stills and commercial column stills.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident working with our experienced project team to get your system built, delivered, and installed. Plus, we have dedicated staff that will work onsite with you to train your team on how to use your beautiful new system.

Our customers tell us they love brewing with Specific, and you’ll find out why.

100% Made In Canada.
No Cookie Cutters.

From the front office to the shop floor, our work is 100% Canadian made by skilled labourers, engineers, and process experts. For 35 years, we’ve built every system by hand, with no outsourcing and no compromises.

Top Shelf

Customers trust us to build the best. Our distilleries use the highest quality stainless steel and copper, so you’ll get the most reliable stills that work for the next 30 years and beyond.

Designed For Distillers
& Their Business.

Our customers tell us that our equipment is intuitive and easy to use. Customized configurations are available for any building size or distillery need; there are no cookie-cutter solutions made here.


From project management to customer service, salespeople, technical support, and training, our experienced teams will make sure you get the expert help you need with any part of your distilling system.

What kind of commercial distilling equipment are you looking for?

Pot Stills

Built from copper or a combination of copper and stainless steel, these are perfect for starting a craft distillery producing the best spirits, whether it’s vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, rum, or more.

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Continuous Column Stills

Built from high quality copper and sanitary stainless steel, and designed for longevity and maximum output, our handmade column stills will allow you to produce more of your best spirits around the clock, including vodka, bourbon, whiskey, rum, or simply bulk ethanol and hand sanitizer.

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Need more fermentation capacity? Better distillery cleaning?

We have all of your distilling equipment needs covered. All of our cellar equipment is designed to work with any type of distillery, so you’re not limited in any way.

  • Fermentation tanks, Receiver tanks, blending tanks, proofing tanks
  • Mash cookers & Lauter turns
  • RTD mixing tanks
  • Ethanol holding tanks
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Solutions

Talk to our experts about how you can make the most out of our supporting equipment in your distillery.

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Designed For Distillers & Maximum Output. Quality Craftsmanship. Made In Canada. Supported Forever.