Cellar Equipment - Specific Mechanical Systems

Fermentation Tanks

  • Available in 5 BBL to 800 BBL, customized to the diameter and height of your location – we even vertically stack them to take advantage of your ceiling height.
  • We build fermenters for use outdoors, utilizing thicker insulation and safety features to ensure your highest quality product.
  • Side or top placement available for manways, dry hop ports and recirculation plumbing for easy flavour infusions.
  • Spunding valves for natural carbonation, pressure relief valves, complete CIP, racking arms and standpipes, customizable cooling jacket placement and many other features too!
  • We also build open top fermenters for distilleries and traditional brewery fermentation. Our Koelschip fermenters and Yorkshire Round fermenters offer brewery customers the ability to produce innovative beers unique to their location.

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Better Dry Hopping, Enhanced Flavours.

Save time and stay safe using our easy access, dry hopping systems.

Equipment options include:

  • Hop Torpedo – A portable, pressurized vessel with a false bottom and pump to allow for dry hopping via wort recirculation. The vessel is mounted on a frame with a hinge, for easy removal of hops and cleaning. The Hop Torpedo is useful for 5 BBL to 20 BBL fermenters
  • Hop Cone – A pressurized vessel with a removable perforated standpipe, top-mounted mixer and pump to allow for dry hopping via wort recirculation. The perforated standpipe is on a tri-clamp fitting and is easily removed for cleaning. The Hop Cone can be either portable on a cart or stationary on legs.
  • Hop Jet – A portable induction system featuring a hopper, CO2 purge, blending pump, and recirculation plumbing. The beer and hops come together without any risk of oxygenation and ensure a highly efficient hop utilization.
  • Hop Cannon – The Hop Cannon offers a direct injection of hop pellets into the fermenter by using a dry hopping arm that connects onto the hop port of your fermenter. The Cannon includes a CO2 buffer tank, hopper and compressor. The hops feed from the hopper into a CO2 purged chamber, and are then blasted using CO2 up the arm and into the fermenter. The automation stores your recipes, ensuring consistency from operator to operator.


All our systems are designed for use at ground level.

Yeast Management Equipment

We build yeast propagators and storage brinks to allow you to capture and reuse yeast. We also have a Yeast Propagation Skid featuring a propagator and wort sterilization tank.

  • Yeast Propagators are sized according to your fermenters to ensure you have the capacity for your desired pitching volume. The propagators can have heating and cooling jackets, agitators, aeration inlets, CIP, pressure relief, and Spunding valves to control propagation.
  • Wort Sterilization tanks are available to ensure your wort is clean for building your yeast cell count. Wort is dosed into your propagator.
  • Yeast Brinks are sized based on your fermenters and can be portable or stationary. They can be built with cooling jackets or simply single walled for storage in a cold room. Brinks can include CIP, and all typical tank features – inlet, outlet, thermowells, etc.

Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)

We offer both manual and semi-automated CIP systems and can make a recommendation to you based on your business plan and your desired CIP schedule. Products include:

  • CIP-1V Cart – A manual, portable single reservoir cart, designed for start-up breweries and distilleries. The unit features an electric heating element and utilizes your portable pump cart to create a recirculation loop.
  • CIP-2V Cart – A manual, portable dual reservoir cart, designed for small to mid-size breweries and distilleries. Features include electric heating elements in one reservoir, interconnecting plumbing, pump w/VFD and control panel for temperature and pump control.
  • CIP Skid – A modular and expandable CIP system, designed for production breweries and distilleries. The skid system can be operated either manually or using our semi-automation. The skid can feature 1 to 4 vessels and includes interconnecting plumbing, pneumatically actuated valves, in-line heat exchanger, dosing pumps, flow meters, liquid ring return pump, conductivity sensors, distribution and return lines and PLC with HMI touchscreen control panel.

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