Clean as a Whistle

At Specific, we know the importance of keeping equipment clean so your beer continues to win awards. That’s why we have 3 great CIP system options for any brewery.

SMS CIP – 1 Cart
The SMS CIP-1 Cart features a heated 75 gallon/285 litre reservoir with thermostat. Small and portable, it offers a handy mobile reservoir for easy connection to any small vessel requiring a clean. The unit can be offered with a detachable keg rack for two kegs of any size and can double as a mobile keg washer.
Completing the package includes a stainless steel manifold with air, water and CO2 inlets, hosing and two Sankey keg couplers.

SMS CIP – 2 Cart
The SMS CIP-2 Cart is a manual, portable dual reservoir cart, designed for small to mid-size breweries and distilleries. Its features include electric heating elements in one reservoir, interconnecting plumbing and valves, a centrifugal pump with washdown motor and VFD, a water utility connection and a control panel for temperature and pump control.

SMS CIP – 3 Skid
The SMS CIP-3 Skid is a modular and expandable CIP system, designed for production breweries and distilleries. The skid system can be operated either manually or using our semi-automation. The skid can feature one to
four vessels and includes interconnecting plumbing, pneumatically actuated valves, in-line heat exchanger, caustic dosing pumps, flow meters, liquid ring return pump, conductivity sensors, distribution and return lines and a PLC with HMI touchscreen control panel.

Regardless of the size, your brewery needs to be clean and we’ve got the right CIP system for the job.