Ancillary Equipment - Specific Mechanical Systems

Complete Your Brewery with “Specific” Equipment

The brewhouse and cellar can’t do it alone. A complete brewery needs equipment
to ensure smooth operations and a quality product. Rely on Specific to deliver
quality solutions.

HopShot Hop Cannon

  • The HopShot / hop cannon is the answer to your dry hopping needs, providing a safe and efficient method to deliver hops into the top of your fermenter.

Keg Washers

  • The Flexi-Clean is a manually operated keg washer well suited to smaller operations. Utilizing a detachable top rack, the tank also doubles as a portable CIP Tank.
  • The SMS 913 is a semi-automated keg washer capable of washing 30 kegs per hour. It is a three headed keg washer with 6” touchscreen and PLC featuring a 12 step cleaning cycle.

CIP/Beer Transfer Pumps

  • Offered in a variety of motor sizes, these portable pumps allow for easy maneuverability within the brewhouse and cellar to make CIP and transfer of product easy.

Yeast Brink/Propagation Tanks

  • Numerous options are available including, aeration lance, mixing, cooling and weighing. Whatever your preferences may be, we can supply you with the appropriate solution for yeast management.