Bring Your Dreams to Life

Whether it’s a brewpub or microbrewery, our 5 – 15 barrel systems are what you need to launch your business and share your passion with the world.

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  • Mash/Lauter Tun
    • Liquor blending station
    • Optional rakes with spent grain plow assembly
    • Cone bottom or inverted cone bottom
    • Manometer
    • Optional under-screen flush
    • Optional steam jacket
    • Optional dedicated Mash Vessel
  • Brewkettle/Whirlpool
    • Heating options include steam Jackets, electric, or direct-fired
    • Over boil protection
    • Vent stack condenser
    • Optional dedicated Whirlpool
  • Liquor Tanks
    • Hot and cold liquor tanks using heating/cooling jackets
  • Brewer’s Platform
    • Custom layout options including rectangular and linear designs
    • Conveniently located hydrometer station (optional)
  • Ancillary Equipment
    • Swing link diverter panel to easily manage wort flow in brewhouse
    • Hot wort grant to provide a buffer to the pump during recirculation and run off from the mash/lauter tun
    • Heat exchanger (typically two-stage for systems of these sizes using city water and glycol) to cool the wort during transfer from the brewkettle/whirlpool to the fermenter