Cellar Equipment - Specific Mechanical Systems

Where Your Wort Becomes Beer

Our tanks are designed to promote optimal fermentation and/or carbonation.
Tank geometry, accurate temperature control and reliable CIP are just a few
requirements to ensure a quality finished product.

Unitank/Fermentation Vessels

  • The unitank is the most common style of fermenting vessel. Yeast is added to the wort and controlled fermentation takes place. Fermentation times vary greatly depending upon beer style, type of yeast and fermentation temperatures. The size and number of fermenters are two major factors that determine the annual production of a brewery.
  • Fermenters offered with side rotating racking arms or standpipe design plus hop ports.
  • An extra tri-clamp fitting can be added for a carbonation stone if desired.
  • Cone angles can be changed to suit customer requirements.

Bright Beer (Serving) Vessels

  • Bright beer vessels are used for carbonating the beer. The beer is then either served directly from this vessel via beer lines to the tap (commonly seen in brewpubs) or kegged/bottled (as in a microbrewery). In brewpubs, the number of serving tanks generally determines the number of different beers on tap.
  • Bright Tanks, Serving Tanks or Conditioning tanks are offered as single walled vessels or glycol cooled.

Cellar Tanks for outdoor placement are also available.