Brewery Automation - Specific Mechanical Systems

SpecBrew Automation

From silo to cellar, SpecBrew takes care of the mechanics so you can focus on
the creativity. Its user friendly, functional interface belies the world leading
sophistication beneath.

SpecBrew is a comprehensive Rockwell/Allen Bradley automation platform for breweries of any size and configuration.

Modular and expandable, SpecBrew is customizable for your brewery through control panel modules for each process. An easy-to-use touchscreen provides complete control over all aspects of your grain handling, brewhouse and cellar operations; choose the functionality you need and SpecBrew does the rest.

On days when you can’t be at the brewery, SpecBrew’s remote access capability gives you access to monitor operations from anywhere in the world. Working from home or relaxing on the beach, you have full visibility of your entire operation.

At the touch of a button

  • SpecBrew Brewhouse Control
    • Allen Bradley PLC controlled with 19” Touchscreen
    • Fully automated recipe-driven brewhouse control
    • Secure remote viewing and data logging
    • Interconnectivity to SpecBrew Cellar Control system
  • SpecBrew Cellar Control
    • Allen Bradley PLC controlled with optional 9” Touchscreen
    • Temperature control for virtually any number of vessels
    • Secure remote control and data logging
    • Available as a standalone cellar control system for any brewery
  • SpecBrew Benefits
    • Access to the full range of SpecBrew’s automation capabilities including:
      • Grain handling
      • Liquor blending
      • Mashing
      • Lautering
      • Boiling
      • Hop Back
      • Knockout
      • Cellar control
      • CIP
      • Remote access
    • Simplified system installation and expansion through a modular design
    • Easy to use and intuitive touchscreen interface with secure remote access capabilities
    • Increased product consistency and efficiency using recipe-driven parameters
    • Reduced labour required for your brewing operations